Monday, 29 June 2009

Summer Togs

Summer has finally kicked in and I'm off on my hols!

Typically though I'll be leaving for Italy during a British heatwave... Great timing!

I'm travelling on the cheap with a friend and the two of us are only checking in one hold suitcase (15kg) between us - so packing must be light!

I don't really own many summer dresses, preferring to wear mine over opaques, so I'm on a mission to find some that are very lightweight.

As I was walking through Debenhams to use the loos the other day I had to go through the Kids clothes department and am so glad I did! I'm petite (just over 5 foot) so often enough kids clothes still fit me - I managed to find some brilliant little dresses, and in the 70% sale to top it off!

I could have snapped up at least five but I decided to restrain myself. I did come away with this little number though:

Only £4!! I also got a similar one in light blue for £3.

Perfect easy summer dresses, not too smart, for £7 total - what a steal! Sometimes I'm glad to be vertically challenged!


Thursday, 18 June 2009


I've worn makeup for many years now and love to play around with new colours and products.

I have a stash of different items, some for daily wear, others for special occasions. Over the years my make-up style has become more toned-down, I used to go mad for eyeshadows but now I try to go for a more neutral look with pops of colour.
I do still love to raid the make-up box from time to time however!
As I love to see what other people's make-up addictions are like on their blogs I thought I'd share mine. For the time being I've just shown a selection of my lipglosses, I'll try and take pictures of the rest of my collection when I get better at using my camera (still new to me)!
Make-up is very important to me, here are my must-have products that I couldn't live without:
  • MAC eyebrow pencil in Fling
  • Pink blush - at the moment Urban Decay Afterglow
  • Concealer - Urban Decay CIA
  • Eyeliner - I like liquid, Urban Decay in Radium is my current fave

The rest (foundation, powder, eyeshadows, mascara) is important but I haven't found my key products for these so far. I don't want to think about the money I've wasted on the wrong foundation over the years!

Right, I'm going to sort through my stash and see what I have to play with!


Animal Magic

I do love a bit of leopard.

My boudoir houses my love for everything animal-print:

I upholstered all the furniture myself with this great fabric, I think it goes well with my very individual decor!
Whilst it is not to everyone's taste, I absolutely love it, if done in the right way. I like signature flashes of animal-print in unusual places, like my curtain tie-backs:

I also own some animal-print footwear:

The zebra and leopard boots are from years ago (my wild side was raging!), I no longer wear them but cannot bear to part with them! I only ever wore them peeking out from underneath black trousers. The peep-toes are far more wearable.
Some may find animal prints tacky, and I have myself seen some awful versions, but it has somehow drawn me in and has become part of my signature style.
If my friends are stuck for a present for me they know they can do no wrong with a bit of leopard!
I think everyone should have a little animal in their life

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

This hurts

I knew a little visit to the Outnet (Net-a-porter's more accessible little sister) would prove dangerous:

This jacket is to die for.
Burberry Prorsum, 60% off, £1,468.
I'm not sure what I wouldn't do for this jacket, it is too dangerous to think about.
The site also has some breathtaking dresses, and the discounts are very encouraging, it is testing my steely resolve to the limits.
Think its time to step away from the computer

Summer Jacket

I am in desperate need of a light summer jacket.

Whilst rifling through the jacket section of my wardrobe, I counted seven black jackets, plus five others in similar dark hues. Nothing in there shouts summer.

What I need is a light-coloured jacket that I can throw over little summer dresses, that I can dress up or down.

I'm petite so it has to fit right, cropped sleeves would be ideal for me, and close to the body.

I like the idea of a little bleached denim jacket, like this one from Warehouse:

I've tried a few on but they all seemed either to fit wrong (too cropped), or too expensive.

Another idea is this style, again from Warehouse:

I have a similar one in black from their outlet store which I love (only a tenner too!) so I think I'll wait a while and see if it turns up at a reduced price.

So for now, the search is on



Monday, 8 June 2009

Interview Attire

I came across this whilst searching for interview attire ideas today.

Got me thinking - it all seems very conservative and uniform-like.

I don't even think my old school uniform was that strict! I do like the idea of uniform however, I wore it all throughout school and for formal occasions and exams in university. It gets you in the right frame of mind for what you will do that day, gives you more of a sense of purpose perhaps.

The problem with this for interviews is that whilst you obviously want to make a good impression, it is also your opportunity to shine, to show the best of yourself. I believe you should be honest in an interview situation, if you aren't true to who you are then you could end up in a bit of bother further down the line if the job and you aren't a good match.

I know it would be a tad extreme turning up for an interview at an accountacy or law firm in leopard-print stilettos and harem pants, but I think some flexibility ought to be allowed. My favourite interview costume is a black and white striped fitted blazer and black trousers, with patent heels. I feel very smart in it and it still lets a bit of individuality shine through. I may be breaking all the rules listed above (doesn't even consider trousers for girls!) but I don't think that's a bad thing.

What I would very much like, however, is to add a punch of colour to my outfit, I think colour makes you feel more alive and could make you stand out and be a bit more memorable in the interviewer's eyes. A jewel-hued top beneath a smart jacket ought to do it. I tried this out with a purple shirt I have, but unfortunately it was in a casual fabric so I felt scruffy.

Alas, I am on another mission - find THE perfect interview outfit, the one which will make me feel that I can do anything, least of all get that job!



Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Songs currently on loop in my head:

- David Guetta ft. Kelly Roland: Love takes over

- Florence and the Machine: Rabbit Heart (raise it up)

- Solange: T.O.N.Y.

- Daniel Merriweather: Red

I have also taken a liking to Mr Merriweather. His style, his voice, his hair...
Oh dear


La Rose

I just had to capture this beautiful red rose in the garden today.
It really stood out against a blanket of honeysuckle.
En plus, it smelled divine, just as red roses should.

I always find that rose-scented products have a too-sweet, cloying smell which is nothing like what fresh roses smell like. They usually remind me of turkish-delight or rosewater, whereas a fresh flower smells almost juicy or fruity.

If one day I find a product that captures the beauty of the rose I'll definitely get it, still on the lookout though.

In the meantime I'll make do with the real thing. Sometimes nature wins hands down.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Chartreuse Watch

Its one of those things you either love or hate.

For years I struggled to explain my favourite colour to people: 'its like a bright, olive-green', or 'acid yellowish', but always had to conclude with 'kind of...'.

Only recently did I come across its proper nomenclature: chartreuse.

Yes, chartreuse, that obscure colour sitting somewhere between green and yellow.

It may not sound appealing, and I certainly wouldn't want to paint my bedroom in it, but I am always attracted by flashes of this unusual colour.

Imagine my joy when I stumbled across this picture on Judy's blog (Atlantis Home):

The slice of chartreuse in between the soles really lifts the shoe, takes it from something rather staid to decidedly funky.

As such items of desire as the above are a rarity and only exist for me in the cyber world, I'll be keeping a track of them on this blog.

I'm now officially on the lookout for a high-street version. You know what they say, if the shoe fits...


Monday, 1 June 2009


Oh Urban Decay, why do you treat me this way?

You know I have a serious make-up addiction, you know I don't really need any more of the stuff, yet somehow you keep pulling me in.

My latest make-up craving is for the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box:

Ooh, just look at it, the colours, the shiny packaging...

I've already got the Ammo Palette and have cleaned out my favourite colours in it, so I'm seriously eyeing this as a replacement.

I tried some of the colours in Boots and as per usual with UD shadows, the texture and coverage are amazing. Some of the shades in the Ammo palette are packed with glitter which proceeds to fall all over your face but not so with the Deluxe shadows. They're even smoother and the colours are fab.

I think I'd use the three neutral colours on a daily basis, perhaps with my UD Liquid liner in Radium (an electric blue) to punch it up a bit.

Its the brighter colours which make me nervous. I'm just not sure how much I'll ever use the tropical-looking colours, which I don't normally wear. I love the purples, they would bring out the green in my eyes, yet whether that can justify spending £20 on kiddie-colour eyeshadow is another matter.

Hmm, quite the quandary...

I think the next time I'm feeling a bit rubbish I know what I'll get to cheer myself up!

We shall see



Who, moi?

Alors, a little about me and my blog...

This is a place devoted to glamour, to style, to sparkle. I aim to fill it with all the shiny things which catch my (magpie) eye.

I am a luxury-loving bargain-hunter, whilst I may not have the means, I do have the dreams. But that never stopped anybody, right?

I hope to express my views on current trends, designers, celebrities (s'lebs), my loves and hates. I will be exploring and indulging my shallow side.

Disclaimer - This will be very girly, unapologetically so.

I hope you enjoy


Sunday, 31 May 2009


La vie est belle - n'est-ce pas?

Everything looks better through rose-tinted glasses, so let's rock them!

A plus