Monday, 1 June 2009


Oh Urban Decay, why do you treat me this way?

You know I have a serious make-up addiction, you know I don't really need any more of the stuff, yet somehow you keep pulling me in.

My latest make-up craving is for the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box:

Ooh, just look at it, the colours, the shiny packaging...

I've already got the Ammo Palette and have cleaned out my favourite colours in it, so I'm seriously eyeing this as a replacement.

I tried some of the colours in Boots and as per usual with UD shadows, the texture and coverage are amazing. Some of the shades in the Ammo palette are packed with glitter which proceeds to fall all over your face but not so with the Deluxe shadows. They're even smoother and the colours are fab.

I think I'd use the three neutral colours on a daily basis, perhaps with my UD Liquid liner in Radium (an electric blue) to punch it up a bit.

Its the brighter colours which make me nervous. I'm just not sure how much I'll ever use the tropical-looking colours, which I don't normally wear. I love the purples, they would bring out the green in my eyes, yet whether that can justify spending £20 on kiddie-colour eyeshadow is another matter.

Hmm, quite the quandary...

I think the next time I'm feeling a bit rubbish I know what I'll get to cheer myself up!

We shall see




  1. Oooh cute blog, nothing wrong with a bit of glamour and pink tinted glasses eh?!

    haha, sorry but surely it cannot be just my blog where you see smokers hehe!! I just think smokers are fascinating, well some of them, i know a lot of people who smoke who aren't hehe, i just think the pictures are awesome. xxx

  2. this is definitely a good palette. urban decay, as you know, has great quality shadows and the palettes are a a really discounted price, plus, while you might not wear the bright blue or green everyday, there are the neutrals and black which is wearable all the time. Plus you can always smoke out those bright colors with the black to be a bit more muted. i use this a good amount.