Monday, 8 June 2009

Interview Attire

I came across this whilst searching for interview attire ideas today.

Got me thinking - it all seems very conservative and uniform-like.

I don't even think my old school uniform was that strict! I do like the idea of uniform however, I wore it all throughout school and for formal occasions and exams in university. It gets you in the right frame of mind for what you will do that day, gives you more of a sense of purpose perhaps.

The problem with this for interviews is that whilst you obviously want to make a good impression, it is also your opportunity to shine, to show the best of yourself. I believe you should be honest in an interview situation, if you aren't true to who you are then you could end up in a bit of bother further down the line if the job and you aren't a good match.

I know it would be a tad extreme turning up for an interview at an accountacy or law firm in leopard-print stilettos and harem pants, but I think some flexibility ought to be allowed. My favourite interview costume is a black and white striped fitted blazer and black trousers, with patent heels. I feel very smart in it and it still lets a bit of individuality shine through. I may be breaking all the rules listed above (doesn't even consider trousers for girls!) but I don't think that's a bad thing.

What I would very much like, however, is to add a punch of colour to my outfit, I think colour makes you feel more alive and could make you stand out and be a bit more memorable in the interviewer's eyes. A jewel-hued top beneath a smart jacket ought to do it. I tried this out with a purple shirt I have, but unfortunately it was in a casual fabric so I felt scruffy.

Alas, I am on another mission - find THE perfect interview outfit, the one which will make me feel that I can do anything, least of all get that job!



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