Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Summer Jacket

I am in desperate need of a light summer jacket.

Whilst rifling through the jacket section of my wardrobe, I counted seven black jackets, plus five others in similar dark hues. Nothing in there shouts summer.

What I need is a light-coloured jacket that I can throw over little summer dresses, that I can dress up or down.

I'm petite so it has to fit right, cropped sleeves would be ideal for me, and close to the body.

I like the idea of a little bleached denim jacket, like this one from Warehouse:

I've tried a few on but they all seemed either to fit wrong (too cropped), or too expensive.

Another idea is this style, again from Warehouse:

I have a similar one in black from their outlet store which I love (only a tenner too!) so I think I'll wait a while and see if it turns up at a reduced price.

So for now, the search is on



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