Monday, 29 June 2009

Summer Togs

Summer has finally kicked in and I'm off on my hols!

Typically though I'll be leaving for Italy during a British heatwave... Great timing!

I'm travelling on the cheap with a friend and the two of us are only checking in one hold suitcase (15kg) between us - so packing must be light!

I don't really own many summer dresses, preferring to wear mine over opaques, so I'm on a mission to find some that are very lightweight.

As I was walking through Debenhams to use the loos the other day I had to go through the Kids clothes department and am so glad I did! I'm petite (just over 5 foot) so often enough kids clothes still fit me - I managed to find some brilliant little dresses, and in the 70% sale to top it off!

I could have snapped up at least five but I decided to restrain myself. I did come away with this little number though:

Only £4!! I also got a similar one in light blue for £3.

Perfect easy summer dresses, not too smart, for £7 total - what a steal! Sometimes I'm glad to be vertically challenged!



  1. Wow, adorable dress... what a great find! You're lucky you get to shop in the kid's dept... although maybe I should give it a try. After all, there are some bigger kids out there ;-) Have a great time in Italy!

  2. Ooh! Am SO SO jealous! Hope you have a fantabulous tim! :)