Thursday, 18 June 2009


I've worn makeup for many years now and love to play around with new colours and products.

I have a stash of different items, some for daily wear, others for special occasions. Over the years my make-up style has become more toned-down, I used to go mad for eyeshadows but now I try to go for a more neutral look with pops of colour.
I do still love to raid the make-up box from time to time however!
As I love to see what other people's make-up addictions are like on their blogs I thought I'd share mine. For the time being I've just shown a selection of my lipglosses, I'll try and take pictures of the rest of my collection when I get better at using my camera (still new to me)!
Make-up is very important to me, here are my must-have products that I couldn't live without:
  • MAC eyebrow pencil in Fling
  • Pink blush - at the moment Urban Decay Afterglow
  • Concealer - Urban Decay CIA
  • Eyeliner - I like liquid, Urban Decay in Radium is my current fave

The rest (foundation, powder, eyeshadows, mascara) is important but I haven't found my key products for these so far. I don't want to think about the money I've wasted on the wrong foundation over the years!

Right, I'm going to sort through my stash and see what I have to play with!



  1. I definitely need the top three you mentioned, plus mascara. And a bit of colour on my lips because they're naturally kind of pale. That's what I need to have a 'face'. I hope everyone with naturally berry or plummy lips realizes how lucky they are!

    But the #1 is definitely concealer. I have two or three going at once in case I lose one. Crisis!

    Denise x

  2. I'm with you on the pale lips, I got told by a salesgirl in Sephora 'Vos levres sont incolores!!' Shock horror! Unfortunately, my colouring is more celtic than latin